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1. Since the paper has a sufficient evenness and low roughness, a better distribution of the coated thickness is acquired in the release agent coating process. The good re covering capability and no-damping-control feature brings the adhesive coated product an excellent neatness, creating an outstanding printing quality and high value for the finished presswork.


2.Since synthetic paper is made of plastic material, an adjustment of the formula is required in the application of solvent used as release agent:

A.Adjustment of response temperature: Adjust it to be 80~100℃.

B.Prevention from platinum intoxication: Adjust the formula for improvement.


3.When the response temperature of the release agent is decreased to a temperature lower than 100℃, the temperature of the oven shall be decreased accordingly to avoid shrinking of synthetic paper due to overheat.

4.The printing speed shall be adjusted based on the response temperature of the release agent to avoid poor response. Therefore,the longer the baking duration is, the higher the production efficiency wlllbe.



5.A precision control mechanism for winding tension will be much helpful.


6.The dry binder reacting to lower temperature used for adhesive coating is helpful for the stability of the size of release paper. Besides. the options of binder are as same as those available currently.


7.More attention shall be paid to the tension of the lamination between the adhesive coated section and the label or laminated surface paper to protect the finished product from rolling up.


8.To acquire a good and stable adhesion between synthetic paper and the release agent, start the On-Line Corona device, if any, installed on your coating equipment to control and stable the adhesion between the release agent and synthetic paper , removing the problems caused by insufficient strain on synthetic paper .


9.For more information about the coordination of release agent, binder and synthetic paper , please contact with us.The applicable release agents are recommended as follows:


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