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Printing pressure sensitive label, Injecting in-mold label

2-1.Presswork notification for flexography:

Refer to the followingdescriptions toacquire thebestprintingqualitywith flexography:
2-1-1.Ink application: Same as lithography
2-1-2.Test the special blue color (for example cyan) and Fluorescence ink before starting the printing, because some brand names of the inks may cause color fading. Coat the inks on the paper and observe for 2 -3 days to make sure the colors does not change. If and discoloration occurs, use and test other brand names. It is not recommended to add compound and varnish in the inks for synthetic paper, because the inks may discolor easily with these additives.
2-1-3. If an ordinary flexographic printing press is used for printing, use skinning ink to print the blue color instead of non-skinning ink, which is appropriate to the evenness of color blocks.


2-2.UV rotary-flexography presswork notification:
2-2-1. The UV inks can be selected more freely.
2-2-2. Recommended inks:



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