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Roll wrap around stick labels, Injecting in-mold labels, Raw material packing bag, Package mailing bag, Gift, flowering plants packing paper, Laminated surface paper(laminated cardboard), Laminated surface paper (laminated plywood and plastic splint), Middle-size and small-size shopping bag, Large-size shopping bag, Foods package film (adhesive coated), Wall paper for exhibition halls, packaging of shower articies.




1.It is recommended to use speciai PP inks with high surface scratch strength for the gravure of syntjetic paper. The viscosity of the ink and the depth of the brush wheel may be adjusted, if necessary, on the basis of the depth of the ink application to print patterns with more brightness and resolution.



2. Refer to the following descriptions if you use oil ink for printing:

2-1.Adjust and maintain the proportion of the ink and the solvent on the basis of the

printing speed to stabilize the printing quality.
2-2.Based on the printing speed, drying capacity and ambient temperature and humidity, select the solvent with appropriate volatility to dilute the ink.

2-3.lf contrast deep and shallow color layers (a layering sense) are required for thepatterns, select the solvent with low volatility to dilute the ink and avoid Stencil-clogging,

3.Recommended inks:




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