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Screen business card, illuminated signboard ad., Hang screen poster, Screen pressure sensitive label


1.Since synthetic paper features good expansion capability, evenness, and low roughness, the patterns present an excellent resolution, especially the evenness of the color on the full layout, when they are printed on synthetic paper with screen printing.



2.Since coated synthetic paper is more freely the application of inks, any ink for ordinary paper printing and plastic ink can well adhere to it and be suitable for printing. Screen ink for ordinary paper printing can be applied to coated synthetic paper .


3. Since non-coated synthetic paper is relatively restricted in the application of inks, your may need to test the inks before the application if adhesiveness is important for the printing. We recommend to use SSP ink of L1N-ING PRINTING INK Corp, and SPP ink of Great World INK Co., LTD.



4.Select the synthetic paper level and adjust the volatility of the solvent in the ink based on the features of the ink and the presswork requirements. The max. width of coated synthetic paper is currently 1650m/m, while the max. width of non-coated synthetic paper is 2000m/m.



5.If a thickness of more than 200 μ is required, synthetic paper processed with lamination is recommended to finish the presswork.


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