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There are two types(noncoated and coated) based on coating process for synthetic paper.

The product type code" ABC-xxx"

The first code"A" mean to different coating process-----:" N"means to "noncoated process product"."C" means to "coated process product"."

The second and third code"BC"mean to prduction type ( different applications) or custmer's application code.

The fourth to the sixth code"xxx" mean to production thickness (unit:um)


1-1、The Introduction to Synthetic Paper


During the past fifty years, the increasingly fast pace of global resource develop-ment has placed tremendous strains on the earth's natural resources, Our ecosystems and environmental conditions around the world are declining which effects our daily lives.The planting of trees and conserving forests plays a critical role in providing important benefits to improving the quaiity of the earth's environment.

Natural wood pulp papers are commonly used for a broad range of communications, packaging, consumer and industrial uses. And since trees are the major raw material for these wood pulp products, our precious forests are being destroyed.

These synthetic papers are made mainly from polypropylene which give the characteristics such as lower specific gravity, higher stiffness, and good opacity. By offering the needed physical and economic properties our synthetic papers are becoming strong candidates to replace natural wood fiber papers in the marketplace.
The introduction of Synthetic Paper for Production Process :

Extruding -->Cooling -->MDO -->TDO-->Slitting--->Jumbo Roll


Jumbo Roll ---> Slitting---> Slit roll


Slit Roll --> Film Cutting--> Sheet


We provide the final product's dimension and packing based on our customer's request.



1-2、Product Features


 1-2-1.Excellent functionality Waterproof, foldable, Non-Tearable, Durability
1-2-2.Smooth processing feature
Printing, Folding, Embossing, Punching, Extensively Applications
1-2-3.Excellent printability High Print Resolution, Good Ink- desiccation 
1-3、Synthetic papers benefits to the environment

1-3-1.No Need to Deplete Forest Resources:

Synthetic paper provides an excellent wood free paper.

 1-3-2.A Recyclable Resource:

Synthetic paper can be recycled into many other plastic products.

 1-3-3.Reduce Mailing and Shipping Costs:

Synthetic paper is stronger and weighs less than wood pulp paper. Less weight means lower mailing and shipping costs.

 1-3-4.Synthetic Paper Reduces Hidden Processing Costs:

Synthetic Paper's strength and barrier proper-ties means that protective coatings, wet strength additives or costly laminations to achieve specific properties may not be needed.

 1-3-5.Synthetic Paper Provides the Durability to Protect Important Documents:

Synthetic paper's superior weatherability, grease and chemical resistance properties provides the needed protection for important documents.



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