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The product type code" ABCDE"
The first code"A" mean to different customers code-

The second and third code"BC"mean to prduction type ( different applications) or custmer's application code.

The fourth to the fifth code"DE" mean to production description



To fullfill the demands,this company has imported again fully automatic production equipment for the develpment of CPP film in 0.015mm to 0.12mm thickness .

CPP film is proven to have low damp percolation,good heat resistance,organic drugs and oil resistance.It can be heatsealed directly,and has less specific gravity.Because of these advantage it serves a wide use either in transparent packing of foods,fiber,stationery,etc.Or can be made into compound packing material after vacuum metalizing or through multipicate lamination with paper or with other plastic films(like BOPP after printing).


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