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Stationery & Album BOPP Films

Excellent transparency with low haze and good gloss,excellent ink adhesion;Characteristerized by transparency,gloss and easy releasing

Stationery & Album BOPP Films-FBS

FBS Products Series

Product Item Product TYPE Thickness(u) Application Description
FBSNN   35 For Album,data envelope and stationery Characteristerized by transparency,gloss and easy releasing.

 Recommended Application:

For Album  For data envelope and stationery For Album


Physical Propeties Table:

Product Item(Unit) Test method Sample direction Product Item
Thickness(μ) -- -- 35
Tensile strength(Kg/㎜) ASTM D882 MD 11
CD 24
Elongation at break(%) ASTM D882 MD 220
CD 75
Haze(%) ASTM D1003  -- 2.5
Gloss(%) ASTM D2475 -- 130
Heat shrinkage(%) NYPS 100℃X60min MD 2.5
CD 1.3
Heat seal temperature(℃) NYPS 100℃X60min -- --
Friction coefficient(--) ASTM D1894 -- 0.7
Specific gravity(--) ASTM D1505 -- 0.91

Physical Propeties Table:

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